Saturday, November 26, 2016

Do you know your Vallartas... there is more than one

Flying to Vallarta in the Mexican state of Jalisco, means landing at the Puerto Vallarta airport located in the north end of the city of Puerto Vallarta. From there many vacationers head north (15 minutes) of the airport to their destinations along the beaches, not realizing that they have left Puerto Vallarta and the state of Jalisco. Welcome to Nuevo Vallarta (the other Vallarta) and the state of Nayarit.

So what? Well for the average tourist, they just think they are in “Vallarta” - there is a lot of development and cool places dotting the coast of Nayarit. Luxury places like Four Seasons at Punta Mita, mega all-inclusive operations like Mayan Palace, and beach side towns like Bucerias. Surfer dudes and others like the vibe at Sayulita and San Poncho further north. You can expect lots of people, and finding a virgin beach is not going to happen, and there is little chance of solitude except in your room. This is perfect for many and that was what the state of Nayarit and the Mexican Federal government had in mind when in the 1980’s they usurped the Vallarta name and created this tourist mecca with rich incentives for developers.

The state of Jalisco of course has the original Puerto Vallarta, the one made famous many years ago with the filming of the movie Night of the Iguana. Puerto Vallarta has retained much of its original charms and it also has a very sophisticated restaurant and art scene. You can also find everything from Costco to farmers markets, and street vendors in Puerto Vallarta.

The state of Jalisco is known for many other attractions, including the second largest city in Mexico - Guadalajara, it’s capital city. The state also is where tequila comes from. There are some beautiful historic colonial towns that are worth checking out. And perhaps the real sleeper is the virtually undiscovered and underdeveloped beach area south of Puerto Vallarta along what is known as the Costalegre, (aka, the happy coast).  This is the area worth watching, as it has now started to develop. Luxury developers have announced major projects and a new large airport are slated to be ready for service in 2017. This area starts about 45 miles south of Puerto Vallarta, and continues down the coast of Jalisco.

When you see this area, you will be amazed by the lack of people along the 43 bays, coves and beaches that make up the Costalegre of Jalisco. Many have said this is the last of the underdeveloped stretches of beach on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. Certain to soon be the new hot beach destination in Mexico. It is only a matter of time, and tourists’ will head south of Puerto Vallarta, or fly into the new Costalegre Airport, to experience this beautiful new area in the state of Jalisco.

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