Friday, March 13, 2015

down the coast, south of Puerto Vallarta.....

A few years ago we started this blog about the south coast of Jalisco Mexico. It seemed natural to share this special area we discovered in 2007. We had a vision, and a passion that kept us going as we created a very special and unique place for ourselves. There was not much to show or tell about our project, so we focused on the area surrounding us. Mayto Beach was the obvious, it was, after all, the first place we saw, and we were frequent visitors to the Mayto Hotel in the early days.

It is satisfying to now have achieved our goal. We had found a very special property, and what we have created is amazing. Certainly there is nothing else like it around here. Little by little the road has improved as promised. It may even be done soon. The road brings new people and ideas to the area. Changes, good and bad will occur, some have already started. The new airport to serve the south coast of Jalisco, rumors only a few years ago, seems to be happening. As we believed years ago, the south coast is the future of Jalisco and a new frontier for development and tourism. So we are fortunate to be here now.

It seems the subject now is more about a larger story of the south coast of Jalisco Mexico. Mayto, is but one place along the way.

Certainly, our blog has provided the opportunity for a lot of people to discover this amazing area. It has influenced many about their travel plans. When you google "Mayto" today, so many things come up. In 2007, nothing came up. It is time to change the focus.

Our story will keep evolving as we make our plans to share what we have created... Chachalaka

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