Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sunset swim at Mayto beach

It was a great day for a late swim at Mayto. Friends we met the previous year had just returned. Later we all went to Tehuamixtle for seafood.


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  2. Hola John, Well, we made it back to New England despite the weather. Our first evening back we woke to the fastest wind and crashing sounds to see in the daylight trees torn from the ground, reaching across power lines and roads. Most of the area has been without power for three days. Zoe's first day back at school was cancelled. She's happy, expect we miss waking from the camper to be outside in nature and be around the culture and friends of Mayto... tell everyone we miss them...we are counting the days until next year! Hola Amigos!

  3. Hi! My name is Natalie. My boyfriend and I are planning some travels in Mexico coming up in August. I am so drawn to the images you've posted and the things you guys are writing about this area. I want to know more. Can we exchange emails?


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