Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mayto or Maito

Mayto, Cabo Corrientes Mexico, is sometimes spelled Maito. We just learned why and it is a good story. Santiago was one of founding fathers of Maito. He moved his family to the area around 1970 to create a new home and start farming the land. He and a hand full of others created the community of Maito with land grants from the government. Some of the land included the beaches, which they were afraid of. They were farmers and the sea with the turtles were something they did not understand. Corn was a principle crop and when they decided on a name - they named the community after corn - Maiz. Every morning, the harvested corn was ground into meal and tortillas were made - the staple of Mexican life. So, they named the community Maito - from Maiz and Tortillas. In recent times the spelling has changed to Mayto. However, you will still see the old spelling on many maps.

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